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Kendra and Marissa, both moms of tween daughters got to talking about periods one day... 

Of the 100 million women menstruating in the US only 3% are using Organic products yet nearly 50% of women in the US are using organic facial products. Women are consumed with eating organic yet they put toxins in the most permeable part of their body.

This led to a simple insight. If there’s one thing every woman can live without it’s toxicity of any kind. toxic people. toxic places. toxic products.

So they created MyBoxShop. a subscription service that operates on the same cycle as its recipients, and whose reason for being can be summed up in three words and a comma. No toxins, period.

Every tampon company talks about periods...which makes total sense, because that’s all their products are made for. But we don’t make our tampons for periods. 

We make them for people...people who expect more from their tampons than soft images of women skipping through grassy fields. People who want their products to fall in line with how they live their lives.

"We searched the world for the best tampons and pads"

-Marissa Ribisi, Founder

"I wanted better, healthier options for our daughters."

-Kendra Gelner, Founder

Free from toxins.

Toxic people.

Toxic social situations.

Toxic chemicals.

Which is why we created MyBoxShop. No chemicals, bleach, pesticide residues, or synthetic fragrances.

We believe that toxins don’t belong in a box. Ours, or yours.

No toxins, period.

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We can’t promise a perfect period, but you could be three steps closer.


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Toxic-free, hassle-free, and postage-free when you choose to deliver every 8 weeks.


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