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Our Story

We are moms of teens! We didn’t want our daughters putting non-organic products with harmful chemicals and dioxins in the most absorbent part of their body, so we set out to find the healthiest Organic options out there. We also wanted our daughters to embrace having their period, and not feel embarrassed. We wanted to help remove the stigma and change the conversation by having fun with the brand, bringing humor, full transparency, and better design to the whole experience. Our campaign line, “No Toxins, Period” speaks to the organic, healthy aspect of the brand but has a much bigger meaning as well. To live your best life, you need to be free of toxins of all kinds - toxic relationships, toxic thoughts, toxic social situations, and yes, toxic products.

MyBoxShop. No toxins, Period.

"We searched the world for the best tampons and pads"

-Marissa Ribisi, Founder

"I wanted better, healthier options for our daughters."

-Kendra Gelner, Founder