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5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones for a Less Painful Period

Paige Pichler

Posted on February 27 2020

Painful periods can prevent women from living their lives and doing what they love. When your menstrual cramps and symptoms are out of control, it’s usually a sign that your hormones need some balancing. With our toxic loads higher than ever, women struggle with hormonal imbalances that can lead to extremely painful cycles. When you make the switch to organic pads and tampons, you’re already decreasing your body’s exposure to toxins and chemical residues that impact your hormones. When you’re in touch with your body and give your endocrine system the nutrients and rest that it needs, you’ll be amazed at how your symptoms change. Here are a few ways to help balance your hormones for a more enjoyable cycle. 

Start taking adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that help your system relax and pad the body’s response to stress. Basically, they create a barrier between your nerves and the stress you feel on a daily basis to keep them from getting damaged. Specific adaptogens like shatavari are known to assist the endocrine system. After taking them for a month, you’ll likely notice your period is shorter, less painful and maybe even lighter. 

Take Steps to Decrease Your Toxic Load

People today are exposed to more chemicals on a daily basis than ever before. The effects of this vary, but for women, the consequences can materialize during your menstrual cycle. When you choose organic food, self-care and menstrual products, you give your body a break from filtering through the chemicals - taking pressure off of your system. 

Get Moving

One of the best ways to balance your hormones is by getting your body moving. Physical activity can help regulate your hormones by reducing insulin levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. Helping to decrease inflammation and regulate metabolic functioning, these changes in insulin can help make your period less painful as well. 

Implement Stress-Relieving Activities

Most Americans live in the flight-or-fight response, meaning that their adrenals are always turned on and their stress hormones are through the roof. In this state, your body can’t rest, digest or -  you guessed it - regulate your hormones. Getting massages, implementing a yoga practice or simply learning calming breathing techniques can make a huge difference in the way your body handles stress and regulates your hormones. 

Slow down

One of the reasons that so many people struggle with hormonal balance is that they’re rushing from one thing to the next. In this state of constantly doing, your body doesn’t have the space it needs to fulfill basic biological processes and keep your hormones in check. During your cycle, see if you can take some time to just be, relax, get outside, meditate or take a break. Finding balance in your life is key to seeing this reflect in your body. When you reduce your mental toxins along with the physical ones, you’ll find your cycle that much more enjoyable.