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michaela blaney

Posted on March 06 2019

How one company is changing an outdated conversation on the classic tampon and removing toxins from your life. Period.

By Holistic Nutritionist, Alle Weil

We’ve come a long way from the one-size-fits all, pillowy doublewide pads our grandmothers used and the discreet whisper and stagnant taboo of talking about our periods in general. The fact that an Oscar was just awarded to a documentary about menstruation gives me faith that women’s health will step out into the 21st century. But while there is a conversation growing louder about women and what’s best for their bodies (decided by women themselves!), the fact is, there is still quite a lot that needs to be discussed and revealed.

MyBoxShop is certainly not the first company to release its line of women-designed and upgraded tampons, however founders, Marissa Ribisi and Kendra Gelner have convinced me that their products reign supreme. They are continuing the conversation on a much needed topic surrounding our periods – that there is so much more that goes into making a tampon healthy that goes well beyond the label of organic.

These moms of daughters are committed to bringing this and future generations of women products that fit and feel comfortable and contain absolutely no toxins, period.

Alle Weil: What motivated you to start a MyBoxShop?

Marissa Ribisi: I wanted healthier organic options for my daughter. I have to use organic products during my period, I discovered about 4 years ago that the chemicals in conventional tampons and pads caused an uncomfortable irritation for me. I went 25 years thinking this irritation was normal during my period! I didn’t want her to live with the same outdated and misconceived notions.

I want to help remove some of the stigma around periods and get people talking about it! I want to change the conversation around periods.

Kendra Gelner: We both have daughters and we wanted better, healthier options for them, as well as for the other women out there who aren’t even aware of what they are putting in their bodies. The FDA doesn’t require tampons to disclose the ingredients on the box. This is a huge problem and we wanted to change that and be fully transparent. We wanted these healthier options to be accessible to everyone.

When I first mentioned the idea to my girls they turned red and said “Really mom?... Tampons??” Having your period is nothing to feel embarrassed about. It means you are healthy & fertile, so we wanted to change the conversation around periods, have some fun with it, and bring some humor and better design to the whole experience. And I just saw that many of my daughters friends are following us on Instagram and one recently said to me “I can’t wait to get my period so I can order your boxes”...

It is clear women’s health as it related to the feminine hygiene industry is becoming a more active conversation, but most women still don’t know that it is an important conversation to have. Can you enlighten us to what ingredients we should stay away from and why?

MR: The vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies. Woman need to recognize that what you put up there counts. The FDA does not require you to list the ingredients in tampons. Most conventional tampons have harsh chemicals like bleach, dioxins, dies, perfumes, pesticides, even plastics. These ingredients can inhibit hormones and create and unhealthy environment for the reproductive system, not to mention irritation. I really believe there are healthy changes we can make that will improve our longevity and overall well being, and one of them is organic tampons!

KG: As we started thinking about how damaging putting known toxins in our body can be, it lead us to think about how many other toxic things we let into our life: Toxic relationships, jobs, products, thoughts… Being aware of what is toxic in “YOUR" life and freeing yourself of them, will enable you to live a happier & healthier life.

Right now only 3 percent of women are using organic tampons. Thankfully, other organic brands are starting to make a real impact in the feminine hygiene world and we couldn’t be happier! It has been amazing to us how many people we know who eat organic and only use organic facial products, yet it never even occurred to them to use organic tampons.

With so much noise out there surrounding women’s health and other organic tampon companies on the market, what makes your products different than the rest? Can you go into what considerations your company has made for safer ingredients?

MR: We searched the world for the very best tampons and pads! Organic is an important factor, but I knew we could also find a better product than what we have in the states. In traveling with my family, I found that the products overseas were always better, more advanced, cleaner and way more options than we have in the states. So Kendra and I set out to find the very best in period products – ones that offer woman comfort, better absorbency, while still being clean and organic. And I think we did just that!

We want the healthiest ingredients, no toxins, most comfort, best technology… essentially premium products for your vagina. You are not going to eat a salad with bleach dressing, right? Well we shouldn’t be shoving rayon, bleach, perfumes and dyes up our V’s then. We want that vagina PH perfect!

KG: Our products are the best. period. We’ve tried every pad and every tampon and tested them for absorbency, comfort, irritability and these were our favorites. Coupled with our high-quality and toxin-free credo, we have created the superior line of products on the market that any women, regardless of age can appreciate. We then had friends and family try them and had them compare against other brands and they agreed.

Speaking about women of all ages. My Box Shop certainly has a new-age ring to it and it’s branding is simple but really timeless and beautiful that would appeal to a woman regardless of her age. What was your inspiration?

MR: Honestly, I never liked the way tampons were branded growing up. I felt like I would stand in the isle at the grocery store staring at the wall of feminine products trying to make out what was what. Plus, the designs on the boxes were never appealing to me, in fact I would make fun of them. Why can’t tampons have cooler boxes, with beautiful colors and modern designs? Why is art and fashion so removed from this genre of consumer products and grudge buys? Can we bring these worlds together and create a premium product with escalated design? Something woman would be excited to buy? Yes, we can.

50% percent of the population get their periods. Why when we buy tampons are we still hiding the tampon box below the other items in cart? Why are we embarrassed to bleed when it’s so normal? Why are we still hiding our tampons in our hand when we walk to the bathroom to change it? Or whispering to other woman, “Do you have an extra tampon? I just got my period.”

Women come in all shapes and forms. When it comes to tampons and pads, why should the approach be any different?

MR + KG: That is correct. And every woman has a different cycle, and a different way they address their period. Some woman will only use non applicator, some can’t imagine using a non applicator. Some only like pads, some use all 3 tampons, pads, and liners. So we want to provide everything a woman will need on her cycle and them some. We want woman to be healthy and have healthy cycles!

We want to help change the conversation around periods, and have some fun with it at the same time!