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Aligning Your Cycle with Your Tampon Absorbency

Paige Pichler

Posted on March 13 2020

Did you know that you can align your cycle with your tampon size? Since your hormones and symptoms shift throughout your menstrual phase, it’s important to observe your flow to see when you may need to adjust your tampon size. Everyone’s body is different and the cycle varies depending on where you’re body is at hormonally. As a rule of thumb, if you’re in between sizes, it’s better to wear a regular-sized tampon and change it every 4-6 hours than wear a super-absorbency product and change it every 8 hours. Reducing the risk of bacterial growth, choosing a tampon that keeps you protected is just as important. 

Generally, the first few days are the heavier days of the cycle with more shedding of the uterine wall. During this time, you might consider using a larger tampon to make up for the additional flow and lower progesterone levels. As you move through the middle of your period, you might notice your flow gets lighter, particularly at night. When women transition towards the end of their cycle, many find themselves changing their tampons less frequently. 

A safer way to keep yourself protected during this part of your cycle is switching to a smaller-sized tampon as your period comes to an end. Rather than leaving a higher-absorbency tampon in for longer, consider switching to a smaller size for the final days of your period. MYBOXSHOP Multi-Pack Tampons are now available to help you make this transition throughout your cycle while offering 100 percent organic, chemical-free cotton that will keep your box happy. 

MYBOXSHOP Founder and President, Marissa Ribisi, says, “We knew it was important to offer women superior protection at each stage of their cycles. Our multi-packs help keep women safe and protected from the beginning to the end of their period by having different sizes available to them with one purchase.”

Progesterone levels drop right before your period begins which can often lead to PMS and other hormonal side effects. In understanding your cycle and taking note of your flow, you can better adapt to these changing levels by adjusting the absorbency of your products. Check out the MYBOXSHOP Multi-Packs and start accounting for your body’s unique rhythms during your next cycle!