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What’s In Your MYBOXSHOP Tampon vs. Your Conventional Product

Paige Pichler

Posted on January 31 2020

The toxic load that modern women carry outweighs any in human history. Part of the problem stems from our self-care and beauty products. Hampering natural biological processes and causing hormonal disruption, long-term use of these products can seriously hamper your health. Once you discover the ingredients used in conventional menstrual products, you’ll never want to use them again. Since tampons directly impact the bloodstream, every single ingredient used in them can permeate into your system, accumulating over time. 

Conventional tampons include ingredients like crude oil and microplastics that accumulate during production. These chemicals permeate the skin, make their way to your organs and can cause serious health issues. The tampons themselves are manufactured using even more microplastics, synthetic fibers, dioxins, bleaching agents and pesticides. Most conventional tampons actually contain only small amounts of GMO-filled cotton, mainly consisting of plastic fibers, chlorinated wood pulp and other chemicals. Since tampons stay inside the body for hours at a time, these chemicals and plastics leach into the system during use. 

According to a report from Women’s Voices on feminine hygiene products, most tampons have multiple carcinogens like styrene, chloroform and glyphosate along with toxicants like chloromethane and acetone. Not only can these chemicals cause irritation, but they can also lead to things like hormonal disruption and certain cancers. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it absorbs these harmful chemicals much quicker than if you had ingested them, making their way through your tissues and other bodily systems.

And, if that isn’t enough, the BPA used in the plastic applicators is enough to convince you to make the switch, with countless ties to hormone disruption. Phthalates used in cardboard applicators can lead to disrupted gene expression on top of more hormonal dysregulation. Combined with GMOs, these products should be nowhere near the most sensitive and permeable part of your body. 

Luckily, more women are starting to understand the importance of their period-product choice and more clean tampons are becoming available. Marissa Ribisi, President and CEO of MYBOXSHOP, spent years searching for the cleanest cotton, applicators and manufacturing methods on the planet to create options for menstrual products free from chemicals, keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

MYBOXSHOP tampons are made of one ingredient - 100 percent organic, chemical-free cotton made to give you the best protection you’ve ever had. Simply made from start to finish, MYBOXSHOP products offer an organic solution to the chemical-laden conventional options on the market.

Your box deserves the care and concern you would give your health and happiness. Choose organic.