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What to Expect When Switching to Organic Tampons

Paige Pichler

Posted on January 17 2020

After decades of using toxic menstrual products, women are making the switch to organic products for their health and for the good of the planet. Protecting the most permeable part of the body from hormone-disrupting chemicals like bleach and chlorine, organic products are changing the way many women experience their cycles. Since organic cotton absorbs differently, it may take a few cycles to adjust to the change. Here are a few things to know when transitioning from conventional tampons to organic according to MYBOXSHOP founder, Marissa Ribisi. 

Your cramps and irritation may decrease.

Nearly every ingredient in conventional menstrual products doesn’t belong in the human body. When you start using organic tampons, the body no longer has to react to chemicals flooding through the bloodstream and causing inflammation. This effect can substantially decrease the amount of pain surrounding your period as well as the irritation you experience. Some users even noticed that they bled less! Keeping the system free from harsh chemicals, organic products can even change the way you approach your cycle. 

There’s a learning curve with absorbency. 

Organic cotton holds a different amount of liquid than cotton sprayed with pesticides. About seven percent of MYBOXSHOP users noticed that they had to change their tampons more frequently when they first started using organic, but then their system regulated and adapted to the change. Some women prefer to increase their tampon size to make up for the difference at the beginning. Either way, the body will adjust after about two cycles. 

Organic cotton may decrease symptoms of PMS.

Chemicals that disrupt your hormones throw off the entire system. One of the reasons that so many women experience such painful periods and intense mood swings comes from the toxic load we carry in modern life. When you eliminate some of the toxins and chemicals like dioxins, bleach and chlorine from your reproductive region, you decrease the load that your endocrine system carries. Allowing your body to resync with its natural rhythms, organic menstrual products can make a huge difference in the way your reproductive system works. Some women reported less intense symptoms across the board - a huge win for all of us!

The chemicals in conventional tampons can affect your body in ways beyond what meets the eye. When making the transition, give your body time to adjust your flow as it detoxes from chemicals and as it realigns with its natural biorhythms. From decreasing the toxic load on your endocrine system to eliminating irritation, organic cotton will have you wondering why you didn’t switch sooner. 

MYBOXSHOP is proud to offer products free from these harmful chemicals that are safe for your entire family. No toxins, period.